Upland Road soaks in pools of water from broken pipes

Written by Meghalaya Times. Posted in Front Page

Staff Reporter
SHILLONG, May 14: Broken GI pipes and a pool of accumulated muddy water in the middle of the teeming thoroughfare of Upland Road, Laitumukhrah has raised concern amongst the residents of the locality, who are helplessly in wait for the MLA of the constituency to put an end to their watery problem.
The area near the community water tank on this road is flooded in toe dip water where vehicles come to a grinding halt and pedestrians become cautious while treading.

“The scene of gouged out pipes strewn asunder is not only a wastage of precious water but is posing dangerous threat to the students of the educational institutions housed on this road among others,” said one of the resident.
The students of St. Margaret’s HS School, St. Mary’s, St. Anthony’s and their guardians who use the Upland Road are a worried lot. They fumed that the scene here is a “squelchy bog”.
The residents of the locality are of the opinion that when the local legislator, Amrapeen Lyngdoh can make aqueduct in Upper Lachumiere area, what is preventing her to take up similar fix in the locality.
The consistent flow of water throughout the day is also putting legible questions on the legislator and authorities regarding the urgent need of civic work on this road.
 Another menace on this road is car washing. There are some residents who are seen washing their cars right inside their residences and allowing the dirty water to flow onto this road for the pedestrians and vehicles to deal with.
Pedestrians taking evasive action while avoiding splashing of water as vehicles run over them is a common sight, which is also putting questions on the habits of few residents of this road.
The scene near the erstwhile Sidley House, where Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore stayed during his last visit to Shillong in 1927, now bought by a relative of MP, VH Pala, is nightmarish. Washing of cars is going here with impunity without any care of concern for those moving on the road by the resident.
Last but not the least, is a substation of MeECL located on this road inside the campus of UCO Bank building. There are complaints that residents, institutions, offices and others have turned this substation into a garbage bin. It is often seen that heaps of wastes are dumped inside this substation prompting the authorities to put up a warning banner with fine. This once picturesque road dotted with beautiful cottages is today a concrete jungle coupled with civic mess all around.


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