Prestone reaffirms unity within state Congress party

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SHILLONG, May 12: Shooting down reports that there is a split within the Congress party in Meghalaya, a senior member of the party, Prestone Tynsong said that the ruling party is going strong and is preparing for the upcoming 2018 state elections.
“The Congress party is still strong and I don’t see that it is heading for a split as of today,” Tynsong said on Friday.
His statement came a day after the Chief Minister, Dr. Mukul Sangma admitted that he is aware of the developments related to the alleged move by some legislators to quit the party ahead of the state elections.

“It is a fact that leaders come and they go but the Congress party will remain till the end. Some leaders left and some have also joined the party,” he said.
Tynsong, who is presently the Minister in charge of the Public Health Engineering (PHE) and District Council Affairs (DCA), also maintained that he would contest from the Congress as he rubbished rumours alleging that he is likely to join another political party.
“Such reports (joining another political party) are purely rumours,” he said.
The Minister also informed that the ground work has already started as a part of the party’s preparation which includes the process of selection of candidates for the upcoming general elections.
The ruling Congress, being the single largest political party in the state, will be fielding candidates to contest all the 60 seats.
Recently, MDC from Nongskhen Grace Mary Kharpuri had announced her decision to contest against the Minister, who is also a sitting legislator of Pynursla constituency.
Asked whether she would be a threat for him in the coming elections, Tynsong said, “There is no question of threat because it is a question of winning during the election. Therefore we will be able to prove that only when counting takes place.”
While Kharpuri is still undecided on the political party from which she is going to contest the MLA elections, however sources have alleged that she may seek ticket from the People’s Democratic Front (PDF) a new party allegedly floated by a suspended Congress member PN Syiem.
 Tynsong further informed that there are also many other candidates especially those from parties like the UDP, HSPDP, NPP, BJP and PDF that are likely to join the fray.
Reacting to a query, he said, “Well I wish them all the best.”


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