Illegal dumping of construction materials hit Nongmalki road

Written by Meghalaya Times. Posted in Front Page

Staff Reporter
SHILLONG, April 20: The dumping of stone chips, sand to drying of casted slabs it taking its toll on the Nongmalki Road behind the Survey of India office here with pedestrians and vehicles also facing hindrances on a daily basis because of this gross disregard of the law.
One cannot walk or ride freely on this road from the Malki side due to the heaped and scattered dumping of stone chips, sand and a long line of casted slabs.

Parents and students squeezing their way out encountering these chips laden road amidst the movement of vehicles are constantly in peril of either falling or being run over by the vehicles along this road who also struggle for traction as vehicle tyres are often seen skidding while moving over this debris.
Those responsible for this have left this road like this for the last few months now, according to those who are facing this on a daily basis, whereas there is no one taking suitable action against these perpetrators.
The Seven Set School which lies along this road and Pine Mount School students are facing this unnecessary hurdle every day on their way to and from school. Parents and guardians are seen moving carefully along these stretches of this road fearing for their lives.
Otherwise a broad road, its width has been cut short drastically by the casted slabs and dumping of construction materials. The width of this road is further reduced by parked vehicles on both sides. Further ahead a similar heap of sand and stone chips on the roadside is catering the construction of two mammoth RCC buildings, one after another, just before the Seven Set School Annex. This road connects the Pine Mount Ridge road ahead.
Though dumping of construction materials on roads and streets has been banned by the state authorities but the residents of Nongmalki Road are violating this order with impunity. There is no care or concern about the little school going children as this illegal dumping is endangering them.
The scene in the afternoon hours, particularly after 1pm and again at 3pm, when the junior and senior sections of both these schools gets over, is simply inconceivable. The choc-o-bloc situation on this road where traffic comes to a standstill is further dealt a collateral blow by the illegal dumping of construction materials.
In this backdrop many have expressed their surprise that the authorities including the local dorbar are not addressing this long pending problem.


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