BJP leader flays eviction moves in Tura

Written by Meghalaya Times. Posted in Front Page

Staff Reporter
Tura, April 20: BJP leader Bernard N Marak has hit out at the ongoing survey of land that is being undertaken by the West Garo Hills district administration in tandem with the GHADC at Sepoy Colony for what he terms as ‘illegally surveying’ the land despite there being no proof of the land being acquired or given to them by the rightful owners.
The BJP leader called the survey, along with previous ‘forceful evictions’ of land holders, as an attempt by the Congress led Government in the State to disgrace the Agreed Text of Settlement (ATS) with the ANVC and ANVC (B) as it was initiated by the BJP led Government in the Centre.

“The government intentionally violated the tribal rights by intruding into tribal land and administration which the ATS aimed to protect and strengthen. The land violation continues in the Aking lands of Garo Hills, down playing the role of the Nokmas and the traditional administration system in Garo Hills,” said Bernard on Thursday.
He pointed to several such attempts made by the state government including the lands within the Aking.
“They tried to take over the land for expansion of the Medical facility in Tura (Rongka Chiring) without acquisition. Similar incident happened at Megong Boldak, Chiringgitim, Nikwatgre, Ringri chiring and such to name a few. In Slanggre (Tura), 29 houses were mowed down for construction of road sanctioned by DONER without acquisition, compensation,” he added.
Bernard further charged the government of illegally making patta over the Aking land in Konchigre (Tura). A similar survey is going on in Sepoy Colony (Tura) and its adjoining area.
“The GHADC is under Government control politically and bureaucratically (administrators rule). None of these lands are officially acquired and the rights of the tribals are continuously violated disgracefully,” said the leader.
The latest move of surveying Sepoy Colony has left its residents fearing the worst. A total of close to 500-700 families is expected to be hurt by the move of eviction if it comes about.
“The RTIs revealed that the land occupied by DC and the Police department are without proper documents. In fact only a handful of land has been acquired by the state government with the rest still lying with the Aking. This is a serious case of undermining the powers and rights of the tribals as guaranteed under the Constitution,” he added.


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