Mendi-Resu road repair begins under threat of rains

Written by Meghalaya Times. Posted in Front Page

Staff Reporter
TURA, April 20: The long awaited repair of the Mendipathar – Resubelpara road, which was literally in tatters, began once again with NGO members of the GSU and AAYF taking a keen, close look at the construction by the contractors on Thursday.
The much vaunted and severely derided road had come under severe criticism after it was left incomplete despite most of the work, barring blacktopping being completed over two years ago. The half done road had made travel difficult with most wondering as to how such a thing was allowed in the first place.

The contractors, M/S CCL had earlier been asked by the PWD – NGH to begin the completion of the road which the contractor had promised would begin in the month of March. However after the confirmation to the PWD, no work was started by them leaving everyone, including the NGOs very surprised. The same non-completion was also raised to the Deputy Commissioner of NGH, SC Sadhu, who flagged it once again with the PWD.
“What should have been a well constructed road (using German technology) turned out to be a bane for us due to its non completion. The road gets slippery during the monsoons and even walking on it becomes difficult. It has also developed huge potholes due to the neglect shown by the contractors. This time we hope the construction will last and give us some relief,” said GSU member of NGH, Binthu Sangma.
A visit by the NGO members to where the repair of the road was ongoing found that the road thickness had diminished from what it was originally supposed to be and that the potholes needed to be repaired immediately.
“They have promised to ensure the potholes in the road are repaired by the next week and blacktopping will begin thereafter. The site engineer too was there to oversee the repairs. Our main concern was the speeding up of the work as the monsoon is almost upon us,” said another GSU leader from Resubelpara, Walseng Sangma.


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