UDP ridicules Syiem for being a ‘partyless man’

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SHILLONG, April 19: The United Democratic Party (UDP) on Wednesday said that KHADC chief PN Syiem seems to lack understanding on how a party system works since he is a “partyless man”.
The statement came a day after Syiem refused to accept the UDP’s CEC decision to withdraw support to the ruling People Democratic Forum (PDF) led executive committee (EC) and decided to wait for the decision of the six MDCs.
“If he (Syiem) is not willing to accept the party’s decision, it only means that he doesn’t understand how a party system works. May be because he is partyless man,” UDP general secretary Jemino Mawthoh said here.

He said that the decision was taken by the central executive committee (CEC), which is the highest decision-making body of the party, and unanimously agreed by party leaders including the MDCs.
“And I as the general secretary of the party had also conveyed the decision to the CEC that all our party MDCs have withdrew their support,”
Earlier, the KHADC chief executive member had stated that – “Just as the 10th schedule of the Constitution cannot apply in the district council so is the decision of a party.”
However, Mawthoh said, “If a person who is floating a new political party and is a partyless man speaks his mind in this way, then how will he contain his own partymen to the principles and ideology of his party.”
Meanwhile, the UDP also ridiculed the allegation of Syiem that the decision to withdraw support is a political agenda of its leaders as they feel threatened by the MDCs in the ruling PDF, who are going to contest against them in the 2018 state election.
 “The CEM is diverting from the main issue to snowballing it into something else. I feel this is not the way to react,” the party leader said adding “It is not about elections, it is about streamlining the district council.”
Reminding that the entire issue stems out from the allegations made by the party MDCs in the KHADC, he said that when they brought it to the party level, a Sub-Committee on KHADC Affairs headed by senior working president Bindo M Lanong was accordingly constituted.
“We have had at least 9 meetings to deliberate on the issue related to misappropriation of Council’s funds and it is not that the party has taken the decision in haste,” he said.
Referring to the special session of the Council held last month, Mawthoh said that the report of the House Committee, which comprising of four political parties (Congress, UDP, HSPDP and KHNAM) had pointed out clearly on the irregularities.
“Interestingly, even the member of HSPDP Teilinia Thangkhiew had expressed her concern in the floor of the House on the matter. Now do you think after all these, the UDP will still remain in the PDF,” he said.
Stating that the UDP has no intention to topple the PDF led EC, he said that the party had also maintained its stand that it has no interest to work with the Congress even if it is sitting in the opposition.
Meanwhile interestingly one of the UDP MDCs, Albinus Lyngdoh was still seen occupying the office of the executive member (EM) on Wednesday despite of the decision of the party.
Asked, the party general secretary however said necessary decision will be taken if anyone is found going against party decision, as none is above the party.


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