UDP withdraws support to PDF, Syiem on shaky ground

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SHILLONG, April 17: The People’s Democratic Front (PDF) led Executive Committee in the KHADC headed by PN Syiem now hangs in the balance after the United Democratic Party (UDP) decided to pull its support on Monday, bringing an end to speculations on when it would actually do so.
The UDP has not been on good terms with the ruling dispersion in the KHADC, with one of its MDCs, HS Shylla recently even moving a No Confidence Motion against the PDF, in spite of the party being an active member of the coalition then.

The decision to withdraw support from the PDF was arrived at during a meeting of the UDP’s central executive committee (CEC) which was chaired by its president Donkupar Roy in the presence state and district leaders in the city here on Monday.
The meeting was also attended by the six members of the district council (MDCs) of the party namely Teinwell Dkhar, Hispreaching Son Shylla, Donkupar Sumer, Rona Khymdeit, Equator L Nongrang and Albinus Lyngdoh.
Sumer is presently holding the post of an Executive Member (EM) in the PDF led EC and is likely to immediately tender his resignation following the announcement of the decision by the central leadership.
With this new development, the strength of the ruling People’s Democratic Forum (PDF) has been reduced to only 16 members comprising a  suspended Congress MDC , 1 BJP MDC , 3 HSPDP MDCs, 2 KHNAM MDCs, 9 Independent MDCs and 1 NCP MDC from its initial strength of 22 members.
“We have unanimously decided to withdraw our support from the ruling PDF in the KHADC led by the PN Syiem. We accordingly given directions to our MDCs as the party do not subscribe to any element of corruption,” Roy informed after this crucial meeting.
He said that this was after the meeting had deliberated the recommendation of the party’s Sub-committee on KHADC Affairs as well as the findings of the House Committee report which was tabled in a special session held last month.
The House Committee in its report has revealed the alleged role of the CEM and EM in-charge Finance in the case of misappropriation of Council’s funds by the former Secretary to the EC Welljune Syiemlieh.
Also announcing that the MDCs of the party will now take the opposition bench, the party chief however said, “The party has maintained that it will not associate itself with other parties. We will not work with the Congress.”
Asked whether the step taken by the UDP will pave way for Administrator’s Rule in the KHADC, Roy said that the party’s decision is not to topple the Syiem led EC or to bring administrator’s rule.
“Our stand is clear that we simply do not want to be part of a corrupt executive committee. It is not our concern whether Syiem remain as CEM and the question of administrator’s rule is based on numbers,” he added.
On the other hand, UDP senior working president Bindo M Lanong categorically stated – “It is better to have an administrator’s rule than to allow a corrupt executive committee to be there.”
Stating that there is nothing strange about administrative rule, Lanong, who is also heading the Sub-Committee on KHADC Affairs, said at least on three occasions administrator’s rule have been imposed in the KHADC since 1970.
According to him, these were during the time when JM Thangkhiew, B Kma, and TW Pakyntein were deputy commissioners of East Khasi Hills District – when there were certain crisis related to financial irregularities, lack of support and others.
Meanwhile reacting to a query, the state party chief also admitted that the decision was painful to the party’s MDCs as some of them have to sacrifice their respective positions. “However, but the decision was unanimous and everybody has to accept it,” he added.


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