Digi Dhan Mela – Good Friday clash inadvertant - State BJP

Written by Meghalaya Times. Posted in Front Page

Staff Reporter
SHILLONG, April 12: In the wake of rising criticism against the Centre’s decision to observe the 100th day of the Digi Dhan Mela on April 14, 2017 which is also observed as Good Friday by Christians all over the world, the State BJP has clarified that this is a mere coincidence with no ulterior motives.
The party on Wednesday stated that there has been some miscommunication on this account as April 14 which also happens to be Good Friday this year by sheer coincidence also falls on Ambedkar Jayanti which was planned as the culmination of the 100th day of Digi Dhan Mela last year itself during the demonetization period.

“There was no intention to create any form of religious misunderstanding or misconception about the scheduling the last day of Digi Dhan Mela on Good Friday,” State BP spokesperson, Basu Chakraborty said in this regard.
According to Chakraborty, the party respects and holds Good Friday as a religiously solemn day for all Christians irrespective of their denomination. “The news that appeared in the media should not be misconstrued. The state party has requested the Centre to change the date of this program keeping in mind the local religious sentiments.” Charkaborty said while adding that the Center has taken cognizance and acted swiftly and that the party is expecting positive results.


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