Citizen urges for probe into implementation of MLA scheme

Written by Meghalaya Times. Posted in Front Page

Staff Reporter
SHILLONG, April 11: A resident of the Shillong West Assembly constituency has on Tuesday raised his concerns over what he has termed as misuse of over 73 lakhs by way of public funds through the implementation of the MLA scheme in the constituency.
In the supplementary FIR filed before the Chief Vigilance Commissioner of the State who is also the Chief Secretary, KS Kropha, the complainant, Michael Pakyntein said that an RTI filed with the Shillong Municipal Board pertaining to the developmental schemes of the constituency had revealed a number of irregularities pertaining to the supplier of various items under the scheme namely Syiem Enterprise.

“Upon close examination and enquiry, it reflected that Syiem Enterprise had supplied materials worth Rs. 73,25,700 for which the bills were raised and payment was duly made,” Pakyntein said while adding that scrutiny of the cash memos of Syiem Enterprise had revealed that the two contact numbers provided belong to Olson Syiem and Danny Syiem.
This verification was made through the android app, Truecaller, according to Pakyntein who claims that Olson Syiem is a government employee working in the office of the Director of Information and Public Relations.
Pointing out that it is illegal for a government employee to supply any materials to any government authority, Pakyntein has urged for action to be taken against Olson Syiem by the office of the DIPR as well as the Chief Vigilance Commissioner.
He also goes on to say that Danny Syiem is a Government approved supplier while claiming that verification from the Sales Tax Office, Shillong as well as online from the official website shows that the TIN number (17030873008) provided in the quotation does not exist.
“It is therefore strongly suspected that the same is a fake number used by Syiem Enterprise,” Pakyntein said while adding that Syiem Enterprise is currently operating under a different TIN number.
Alleging that the entire supply of materials by Syiem Enterprise for the amount of Rs. 73,25,700 is a scam, Pakyntein has urged the Chief Vigilance Commissioner to start an investigation into the whole affair and take action on all involved while opining that the whole affair is a case of misappropriation of public funds.


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