Good Samaritans help police build living quarters

Written by Meghalaya Times. Posted in Front Page

Staff Reporter
TURA, April 10: Most that are aware of the living condition of the average policeman would vouch for the fact that the situation requires an immediate look into. Most policemen live in conditions that would make anyone balk at the sight of our protectors living in such a state.
Given the situation faced by the people meant to ensure our security, some good Samaritans took it upon themselves to provide accommodation that would be a huge upgrade from the cowsheds that they are currently living in. The target of these good Samaritans was the Nongalbibra police station as well as the Siju outpost, both in South Garo Hills.

“The sight of how police personnel lived is crazy to say the least. It is absolutely sub human and we wanted to change that. We thereby decided to work with the police teams to ensure at least basic housing. Hopefully they will not have to live in shanties any longer,” said one of the benefactors on the condition of anonymity.
Once a decision to help the policemen was taken, assistance flew in thick and fast from all quarters with the local MLA, Rophul S Marak, making a big contribution to the cause of the policemen. The MLA supplied materials including cement and rod to begin the construction. Others too contributed generously, urged on by the officer in charge of the police station, Rubul Ali.
The beginning of construction began two months ago and is likely to complete by the end of this month.
“This is a major thrust for us as we strive to serve the people. Our thanks goes out to all those that helped in making the building possible. Now we will have enough space for our police personnel to sleep in peace, without the fear of roof being blown over during violent storms,” said Ali.
The newly constructed quarters will have 4-5 rooms along with a large hall for police personnel to rest as well as a guest quarter.
The story of Siju is also similar with eager locals coming forward to contribute to the cause of the policemen.
“The site where these policemen stayed is beyond description. I don’t think we keep cattle in such bad shape,” said one of the locals.
The situation of police personnel in most remote locations is very similar to the ones of Siju and Nongalbibra. There have been cases of makeshift quarters taking a massive hit every time the region faced a storm.
A highly placed police source stated the obvious about how bad the living conditions of policemen are. “We are always in the firing line for very obvious reasons. Everything we do is scrutinized but no one cares about how we live. Most of us live in conditions that will make anyone puke but we manage because it is our duty to provide security even at the cost of our lives,” the source said.
He further pointed to the apathy shown to their state of affairs by the state as well as others. “Most don’t even realize that we put in non-stop hours of work in the harshest conditions and have to even survive days on minimal rations but we still do our duty. At least something should be done to make our condition liveable when we get back to our quarters or homes to our loved ones,” said the source.
His words are not far from the truth. All you have to do is go to places like Nongalbibra, Siju, Wageasi, Rari and countless other police stations to realize the truth and wonder as to what has stopped the government over all these years to make living conditions worthwhile.


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