Dr. Heptulla appeals for decent burial for the dead

Written by Meghalaya Times. Posted in Front Page

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IMPHAL, April 08: Manipur Governor, Dr Najma Heptulla has appealed “all concerned” particularly the Joint Action Committee Against Anti Tribal Bills (JAC-AATB) to allow a decent burial of the remaining eight dead bodies lying in a hospital in Churachandpur.
The agitations which erupted in the hill districts of Manipur immediately after passing of the three controversial bills, considered by the hill people to be anti-tribal, in the Manipur Legislative Assembly on August 31, 2015 led to the loss of nine young lives in Churachandpur district.

“More than a year has passed, all the dead bodies except for one are still lying unclaimed in the morgue. The family members of the deceased have not been able to perform the last rites and give a decent burial to their loved ones. This is heart wrenching and not in consonance with the teachings of any of our religions”, the Governor said on Saturday.
“Times have changed and after the 11th Manipur Legislative Assembly elections a new popular government is now in place. I am happy that the new government has taken the initiative for breaking the ice between the government and the JAC against Anti-Tribal Bills and bringing the leaders of the latter to the negotiating table,” Dr Heptulla said.
Dr Heptulla in the statement added, “There are already signs of a thaw in their rigid positioning. We are living in a democratic country and dialogue is the preferred means of resolving issues in a democracy. There is nothing that cannot be resolved through dialogue and we should all repose full faith in this democratic process.
“Therefore, I fervently appeal to all concerned particularly to the JAC members to allow a decent burial with all religious rites to the dead bodies lying in the morgue and to participate wholeheartedly in the democratic process of dialogue for resolving their issues,” she added.


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