Man found murdered in Rongjeng

Written by Meghalaya Times. Posted in Front Page

Staff Reporter
TURA, April 08: The small township of Rongjeng in East Garo Hills (EGH) got a rude awakening with the brutal murder of a 30 year local man, who was found early on Saturday morning with his head bashed in.
According to sources, the victim Sheje Sangma (30) was a resident of Rongjeng Reserve and sold chicken and fish at the Rongjeng market in East Garo Hills. His body was recovered by the EGH police in the Rongmuthu locality of the town lying near the National Highway – 62.

The sudden discovery of the body has left most puzzled regarding the motive of the murder with police placing the death closer towards Friday night.
“We are looking at all angles to the murder and our investigation is currently on. Prime facie it looks like he was bludgeoned to death. It looks like he was killed yesterday and the post mortem report should provide clarity on the time of the murder,” said EGH police chief, Vivekananda Singh.
Police later recovered the murder weapon, a blood stained stone, which is also being looked into.
“It does not look like a murder committed by militants and could have been committed by someone known to the victim though we are not ruling out any possibility,” added Singh.


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