AIFW A/W 2017 to promote Muga silk with offsite show

Written by Meghalaya Times. Posted in Front Page

NEW DELHI, March 01 (IANS): A show dedicated to Muga silk will feature at the forthcoming Amazon India Fashion Week Autumn-Winter 2017.
It will be an offsite show at the National Rail Museum here. It will be held on day two of the four-day fashion extravaganza, which commences on March 15 at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium.

“With a vision to promote and preserve Muga culture, ‘Golden Threads of Assam’ is a one-of-its-kind venture that will depict that this ancient craft and contemporary aesthetics can co-exist. We, as a team, endeavour to preserve, protect and promote Muga’s purity to take the loom to the ramp and catapult it to the ramps to the world,” Riniki Bhuyan Sharma, President, Golden Threads of Assam, said in a statement.
Assam has been producing the royal silk and the weavers have been an intrinsic part of the national identity offering handlooms with an inbuilt shimmer. This is an attempt to safeguard the Assamese legacy and its fabulous and celebrated craftsmanship.
On the collaboration, Sunil Sethi, President, Fashion Design Council of Indian (FDCI), said: “Muga silk is known for its durability and uninhibited gloss and this edition through our association with ‘Golden Threads of Assam’ we are relooking at telling a tale of Indian textile by reviving lost heritage.”
Designer Samant Chauhan, who has been working with Muga Silk and has already done a show in Shillong to promote and preserve the fabric, will weave magic yet again at AIFW here.
“Samant will enliven Muga silk by giving it an edgy flavour yet maintain its innate strength of texture. We applaud Riniki Bhuyan Sharma’s efforts for her selfless contribution to the cause of Assamese weavers,” Sethi added.


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