NEDF hails decision to scrap MoU on uranium mining

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SHILLONG, Feb 27: The decision of the Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council (KHADC) to scrap the MoU signed with the Uranium Corporation of India Limited (UCIL) has been hailed by the North East Dialogue Forum (NEDF) on Monday.
“If  there   are  other  such  NOCs  and  MoUs  given  and  signed  respectively  in  the  intervening  years,  it  would  do  well  that  they  be  revoked  too,” a statement issued here by the NEDF on Monday said.

While stating that the NEDF is in the know that permission  for  exploratory  mining  of  uranium  has  been  renewed  some  years  back  as  the  earlier  one  has  lapsed, the statement said that  this  too  should  be  rescinded  in  view  of  the  fact  that  uranium  is  a  radio-active  mineral  posing  health  hazards  and  environmental  degradation  through  air,  soil  and  water  pollution  and  which  radiation   can  be  transferred  to humans   through  various  means  and  cause  genetic modifications  and  defects  as  well, result in  other  complications.
“We  would  urge  upon  the  people  within  the  jurisdiction  of the  KHADC  and other   ADCs  as per  provisions  of  the  Sixth  Schedule  not  to  be  attracted  to  immediate  monetary  remuneration  for  the  present  at  the  cost  of  permanent  dispossession  of  land, natural  resources  and  sustainable  livelihood  and  which  oncoming  generations  will have  to  bear  the  brunt,” the forum added.
According to them, cash  in  any  form will  not  last  long  but  natural  resources  can  remain  forever  if  judiciously  sustained  and cared  for.
It further  reminded  that  UCIL  is  a  Government  of  India corporation  and  its  finances  are  met  from  the  public  exchequer  contributed  directly  and  indirectly  by  all  bona  fide  citizens  of  India  through  various  taxation  processes  and  does  not  come  from  the  pocket  of  some  corporate  and  benign  entity.
“Therefore  any  promise   of    road  development  and  economic  development  by  UCIL is  like  being  attached  to  a  fish  hook  and  doesn’t  come  free  of  cost.  In  fact  such  development  activities   must  come  either  or  both  from  ADCs  by  enhancing  their  fund   position  and  State  Governments;  not  otherwise,” it added.


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