Garo Hills could be factory site in the prehistoric Stone Age

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Shillong, Feb 26: Could Garo Hills be a factory site in the prehistoric stone age? Dr Queenbala Marak of the Department of Anthropology, North-Eastern Hill University, Shillong believes it happened in Garo Hills in the past, thousands of years ago.
Currently undertaking a systematic exploration in the Rongram-Ganol river valleys, Dr Marak says there are many sites in the area where a large number of finished stone tools, waste products and cores are found.

The finds of cores (from which the stone tools are made) and waste flakes (which are by products of tool making) are indications of a factory site where tools were made in large numbers in the past.
Till date of all the sites in Rongram-Ganol valley Dr Marak says the largest concentration is seen in village Mishimagre.
 In fact there could have been as many as six factory sites in this region and possibly these finished stone tools could then have been transported to other places in Garo Hills.
 To understand more about the time-frame and the behaviour of prehistoric people and their movement, she believes, more thorough research is required.
The exploration team consists of Dr Marak as team director and Gangotri Bhuyan, Milan Meitei, and Tengnang D. Sangma as team members. The team strongly believes that public awareness is required for maintenance of these sites - since they are stakeholders as well as custodians of the region.


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