HNLC leadership living in Bangladesh under aliases: BSF

Written by Meghalaya Times. Posted in Front Page

Staff Reporter
SHILLONG, Feb 24: Aliases have so far been a godsend for the leaders of the proscribed Hynniewtrep National Liberation Council (HNLC) as these have enabled them to live safely in Bangladesh, thwarting all attempts to locate and nab them.
This was revealed by the BSF Meghalaya Frontier Inspector General (IG) PK Dubey who said, “We shared information with Border Guards of Bangladesh (BGB), which also launched operations against them (HNLC). Somehow they could not be nabbed as they are staying in Bangladesh under some other names.”

The IG, who just returned from the five-day Director General (DG)-level border conference between BSF and BGB in Dhaka, Bangladesh, also ruled out any setting up of bigger camps by the HNLC in Bangladesh.
“Either they (HNLC leaders) are married there with some cover names or they are hiding and keep on changing their locations,” he said.
During the conference, which concluded on February 22, the BSF had also shared documentary proof with its counterpart the Border Guards Bangladesh (BGB) which include the address of the hideouts of the three militant outfits in Bangladesh.
“Out of 6 camps, three belong to the HNLC, two to ULFA and one to GNLA,” Dubey said while informing that due the many operations launched by the BGB, the outfits have not been able to take on new recruits or launch any anti-social operations.
He also added that the BGB have also assured to take action on the information shared with them.
Expressing happiness that there has been no action from either the GNLA or ULFA for the past one year, the IG said, “They have not been able to strike in a big way which in itself indicates that they are not organized but are hiding in their hideouts.”
While stating that ULFA leader Dristi Rajkhowa is still eluding the security forces despite the operations conducted from time to time, he however informed that the GNLA commander-in-chief Sohan D Shira is very much in Garo Hills.
“He (Shira) is not hiding in Bangladesh but is somewhere in the Chokpot area of South Garo Hills District,” he said.


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