CSWO alleges cover up of rape cases in Garo Hills

Written by Meghalaya Times. Posted in Front Page

Staff Reporter
SHILLONG, Feb 24: While expressing surprise over the low number of reported rape cases in Garo Hills, the Civil Society Women’s Organization (CSWO) has alleged that this could be because these crimes are being covered up.
In a release issued on Friday, CSWO president, Agnes Kharshiing said, “This could be that cases are being hushed up by certain  Maharis in Garo Hills and those who are of the know should please report these cases as these are social crimes and need to be reported and not hushed up.”

According to the Police Crime Update from the 1st January 2017, till 23rd February 2017, there are 23 rape cases reported which include 3 in East Khasi Hills District, including one gang rape, 6 in Ri Bhoi District including one gang Rape, 5 in West Khasi Hills, 3 in West Jaintia Hills, 2 in East Jaintia Hills, 5 in South West Khasi Hills District including one gang rape by Juveniles and only 2 cases of rape reported in Garo Hills and that is in North Garo Hills including one gang rape.
In this regard, the CSWO has expressed its deep concern over the rise of murder and rape of women and children and urge the authorities of the Government, not to take things lightly and to involve those public who are also concerned and not keep all investigations in closed doors, as many perpetrators are powerfully linked with influential persons in Governance and can manipulate records and documents and it would be advisable, as in some cases the law permits, to book even those in power trying to help the perpetrators.
Meanwhile, the CSWO has also condemned the murder of a young woman, whose body was recovered from along the national highway at Dkhiah village in East Jaintia Hills District.
“We urge the authorities to conduct search for the murderer(s) and they should be apprehended immediately and book them as per law,” Kharshiing said.
She said that the persons responsible for murder and rape of women and children, should not at all be given bail by the Courts who should keep in mind the seriousness of the cases even when no objection is raised by police or the prosecution and the raising of no objection by Government Counsels should also reflect in the orders of the court.


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