Deborah unhappy with performance of SSA schools in rural areas

Written by Meghalaya Times. Posted in Front Page

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SHILLONG, Feb 23: Many students studying in standard 8 in many of the SSA schools of the state are unable to read and write as was informed by State Education Minister, Deborah Marak on Thursday.
Marak had made this astounding statement while she was at Monfort Education Centre in Tura to inaugurate the weeklong annual sports along with former MLA and Minister, Billikid A. Sangma.
“Students of Garo hills particular from rural areas are not being able to perform in the board exams. Many students who complete class VIII examination from SSA schools cannot even read or write. It is a sorry state of affairs,” Marak said while questioning who is to be blamed for the current scenario.

Holding ‘proxy teachers’ partly responsible for the situation, Marak said, “Education in rural areas of Garo hills is in a mess as many teachers hire their proxies to teach on their behalf.” She also underscored the need to assess the problem and to fix whatever wrongs come to light during this assessment.
Motivating the students to excel in sports and co-curricular activities Marak urged the students to take active participation. “Sports teach the students to compete and inculcate the habits of obedience, discipline and the determination to win. In an era of science and computers, it is each ones responsibility to prepare our younger generation to take on the challenge of life”, Marak said.
 She also urged the students to be prepared to grab the “lion’s share” to excel in their life in a world full of competitions at every level. “Education and competition are two universal ingredients of all human cultures”, Marak emphasized.
Speaking about quota and reservations, Marak said, “Most good Universities and Institutions in the country have very high cut off marks and if our students do not score they will be left behind”.


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