India – Bangladesh to work together to counter terrorism

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SHILLONG, Feb 23: There will be greater co-ordination between India and Bangladesh especially in matters relating to efforts against the activities of terrorists operating along the Indo – Bangladesh border after the two countries came to an agreement to establish a mechanism to share inputs on this key issue.
The decision was taken at a five-day Director General (DG)-level border conference between Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) and Indian Border Security Force (BSF) held at Dhaka, Bangladesh from February 18 to 22.

The BSF delegation was led by its Director General KK Sharma while BGB delegation by its DG Major General Abdul Hossain. Sharma was accompanied by PK Dubey, IG Meghalaya Frontier.
The others include officials of the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), Ministry of Home and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Joint River Commission, Department of Narcotics Control, Survey of Bangladesh and the Department of Land Record and Surveys.
During the conference, the BSF director general strongly conveyed the BSF agendas to the BGB.
Security related issues particularly about the presence of cadres of Indian Insurgent Groups in Bangladesh territory were projected with documentary proof.
Commission of trans-border crimes like smuggling of fake Indian currency notes, forest produce and cattle theft besides dacoity in Indian territory which is committed by Bangladeshi nationals and criminals was also discussed.
The issue of construction of a Single Row Fence within 150 yards from the international border was also deliberated upon for obtaining concurrence.
Taking the positive note of the urgency of construction of the Single Row Fence in the mutual interest of both the countries to check trans-border crimes, the BGB authorities conveyed their concurrence in almost all the patches where the work was pending. New patches in East Khasi Hills and West Jaintia Hills have also been given nod by BGB.
BGB officials also conveyed their concerns regarding firing, killing and injuring of unarmed Bangladeshi nationals by Indian locals and smuggling of various types of drugs and narcotics including Phensedyle, liquor and such.
However, BSF refuted the allegations of killing of Bangladeshi nationals by Indian villagers and intimated that when the Bangladeshi criminals had illegally entered into Indian territory that too during odd hours of the night and sometimes during broad day light for committing dacoity and theft on any other illegal activities then only they might have been confronted by local villagers in self-defense.
The BSF has also urged BGB authorities to discourage Bangladeshi nationals from crossing the international boundary in order to avoid any confrontation with peace loving Indian bordering population and maintain harmony and tranquility at the border.
BSF also emphasized on the joint efforts by both the border guarding forces to curb all the illegal activities across the border.


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