Governor cannot delay appointment of nominated MDC: HS Shylla

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SHILLONG, Dec 23: While pointing out that the rules on the matter are abundantly clear, newly elected UDP MDC, Hispreaching Son Shylla said that the Governor of Meghalaya, V Shanmuganathan cannot delay the appointment of the nominated member of the Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council (KHADC).
“It is not right for him (Governor) to delay the decision on the nominated MDC in the Council,” Shylla said at the sidelines of the swearing in ceremony of the newly elected MDCs held here on Friday.

He also said that as per the AD Rules, it has clearly stated that the KHADC shall consist of 30 members comprising 29 elected members and 1 nominated member.
Shylla had made this statement in light of the post of the nominated MDC lying vacant for the past one year ever since the resignation of Gabriel Wahlang, who vacated the post to contest the Nongstoin bye-election last year.
“The Rules have clearly stated that the 30th member of the house shall be nominated by the Governor,” Shylla reiterated.
“This is because the Rules only state that the KHADC “may” recommend for appointment of the nominated MDC, which itself is not binding,” Shylla said while adding, “Therefore the power is fully with the Governor.”
He further stated that the party would leave it to the wisdom of the Governor as to who he wishes to recommend for the said post.
It may be mentioned here, the KHADC had earlier proposed the name of J Reenbohn, a retired District Council Court Judge, for the post of a nominated MDC.
Subsequent to this, the state government also made a similar recommendation by proposing the name of former MLA and MDC Irene Lyngdoh for the post.
In view of this, the Governor had also earlier sent back both the names and directed the state government to take a call on the matter to which the cabinet had approved the name of Irene Lyngdoh.
Meanwhile, the Governor is yet to give his final decision on the matter.


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