UDP: Regional Parties refusing Pre-Poll Alliance should be rejected like KHNAM

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SHILLONG: Dec 18:  What maybe a setback for the Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP), is working as a warning signal for the United Democratic Party (UDP), now making a clarion call to all the regional parties for an alliance post 2018 Assembly polls and public rejection for those refusing to forge the alliance like KHNAM.
The result of the by-polls may have been an awakening and a lesson for the BJP in the state as stated by BJP General Secretary David Kharsati, however BJP is not alone in this mourning with UDP weary about the vote count BJP managed to get in the by-elections particularly in Mairang

In Mairang constituency BJP managed to secure the highest number of votes of  6601 for BJP above all the constituency BJP contested from.
Perturbed about the numbers of votes BJP managed to garner in the bye-elections to Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council and Jaintia Hills District Council, (UDP) working president, Bindo M Lanong, said, “We won the by-polls but not with a big margin and all of this due to the votes that BJP got” further adding, “BJP has come up to this level”.
In view of the upcoming 2018 Assembly polls, Lanong opined that it is only wise for the regional parties to forge a post-poll alliance for a win-win situation to prevail.
Flipping back the pages of political instances that marked a change in the state politics, Lanong said, “ In 1984 during the District Councils election all the regional parties which includes-HSPDP,UDP besides other had forged an alliance and out of the 29 seats had managed to secure 21”.
“This is the impact of forging an alliance and which is why having  a post-poll alliance now for the Assembly polls is all the more important,” said Lanong adding that it was done before and can be repeated.
When asked if any move has been taken in this regard, Lanong informed that the UDP has been consistently taking up the issue with the various regional political parties.
Lashing out on HSPDP, Lanong said that UDP is working hard to make this happen however, HSPDP is refusing time and again.
“We are trying but HSPDP is always refusing,” he said adding that the only way out now is to make an appeal to the public that HSPDP is anti-understanding, anti-unity and should be rejected like KHNAM.
Meanwhile, HSPDP maintained that the party is not up for a pre-poll alliance and stated that if the public is unhappy with any regional party they can always give their mandate and move ahead.


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