A slip too many : The adventure of Bah Jyllud

Written by Meghalaya Times. Posted in Front Page

Staff Reporter
SHILLONG; Dec 18 : Meghalaya’s own Shakti Kapoor (Known for his villainous and comic roles in bollywood) or super villain popularly known as Bah Jyllud has a whale of a time in leaving police awestruck and dumbfound as he casually pulls out one trick too many(all criminal in nature) effortlessly.
Currently in jail for burglary and stealing his seized motor bike from Mawngap police station months after he escaped arrest from the scene of burglary in Mylliem, David Lyngdoh’s swiftness in committing a crime and making his escape good is making many scratch their heads.

“He is arrested again for stealing his own bike from the parking lot of Mawngap police station that was seized by police and this is not the first time he did that,”said East Khasi Hills, Superintendent of Police (City), Vivek Syiem.
Syiem informed that Lyngdoh had left his bike behind and escaped from the scene of burglary at Mylliem on March 1st this year and on April 28 he quietly managed to steal his bike (seized) from the premises of Mawngap police station.
Stating that he loves his bike, Syiem informed that this was not an isolated case for Lyngdoh had once before stolen his bike from Nongthymmai beat house.
“He was arrested before for stealing his own bike from the parking lot of Nongthymmai beat house,” said Syiem laughing.
He, further informed that he was arrested by the special cell of Meghalaya police from Jhalupara area in the month of November and is currently under judicial custody.
Reportedly, Bah Jyllud also known as the local Phantom manages to enter into peoples’ homes quietly and allegedly molests the women in the house. Many individuals have been traumatized by Phantom’s actions and he usually targets those homes where no male member is present.
In one incident he entered a house and locked everyone up in their rooms. He then treated himself with some fried eggs and spent some time there.


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