4 GNLA, 2 ASAK cadres surrender to EGH police

Written by Meghalaya Times. Posted in Front Page

Staff Reporter
TURA, Feb 16: In some very encouraging news for the Garo Hills region, four cadres of the Garo National Liberation Army (GNLA) and another 2 cadres from A’chik Songna An’pachakgipa Kotok (ASAK) surrendered along with arms and ammunition to the police of East Garo Hills (EGH) on Monday. The cadre who surrendered included an area commander of the Garo National Liberation Army (GNLA).
Lipsing M Sangma (Phukan), Pilington  Ch Marak (Rakcheng), Washing S Sangma (Tapcheng) and Tengson R Marak (Agar) from the GNLA and Smarjin G Momin (Tengton) and Limai A Sangma (Katep) from ASAK surrendered to EGH police.

“The cadres surrendered today (Monday) to us and deposited arms and ammunition. Lipsing M Sangma (Phukan) was the self styled corporal and area commander of Assam. He knew the ASAK members during their time in GNLA and got them to surrender along with his team. We are currently recording their statements”, said EGH Superintendent of Police (SP), Davies Marak.
The surrender was facilitated by members of the Church along with a former cadre of the GNLA outfit whose name has not been revealed for security reasons.
The cadres deposited 3 AK rifles, 1 Winchester rifle, 1 pump action shotgun and two 7.65mm pistols with 96 live rounds of AK ammunition, ten 577/450 mm live rounds, four 12 bore rounds and three wireless sets during their surrender.


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