PCA recommends ‘Peace education’ in Meghalaya schools

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SHILLONG, Oct 25: Peace activists from the North East on Friday urged for the introduction of ‘peace-education’ at the school level of education to propagate a non-violent movement in the region.
 ”We are still in a process of negotiation with state governments trying to convince their state boards to implement the framework by including peace education both in formal and non-formal curriculum,” a member of the Peace Counts Academy-North East, Leban Serto said at the sidelines of a programme on training peace builders trainers held on Saturday.
He said, “By including peace education, we want that non-violent movements will get more coverage and space in educational textbooks and even media for that count rather than highlighting only violence.”

Serto, also a teacher in the peace study department of Martin Luther Christian University (MLCU) however revealed that state education boards across India including the North East have failed to implement the National Curriculum Framework (NCF) 2005, by not including peace education in the curriculum.
“The education boards in the different states have not implement the provision for introducing peace education mandated by NCF, 2005,” he said.
 According to Serto, the NCF has clearly mentioned the need to include peace education in the school curricula.
The five-day programme organized by the PCA was held at Pinewood as part of its continued efforts to enhancing the peace builders trainers in the North East region to spread the message of peace and solve conflicts in a constructive way.
 He further stated that so far in the North East region, only Manipur has given a positive response towards this end.
“Manipur is the first state in the NE including India, to introduce peace and human rights subject in its board’s curricula,” the peace activist said.
With regard to the programme, he said, “The Peace Counts approaches are set to be introduced in the course curriculum for peace and conflict studies in which it will bring a new breath of freshness and inspiration to the peace builders in the region.”
Founder of Peace Counts, Michael Gleich, a journalist from Germany said that the Peace Counts project has been working for constructive conflict transformation in more than 40 countries across the world.
He also said that quite a lot of stories are used to create teaching materials in the field of peace education.
“Peace Counts is about documenting the best methods and measures for peace building and conflict resolution, focusing mainly on successful initiatives from the civil society,” he said.


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