Changing perception through exploration: tourists on Meghalaya

Posted in August 2012

Staff Reporter
Life is serene and beautiful in this part of the country, says newly married 30-year old Priya Ghosal, wife of an IT professional from Vadodara (Gujarat) who was witnessed in the outskirts of the pine city.
Expressing her views of the pine city, she said that at first she had a different perception about coming to this part of the country.
“My friends would say, it is not a good place to visit. The people are arrogant. The place is full of crime and militancy prone and many other things. But after visiting I have a totally different picture about the place,” She said adding “Me and my husband are here to attend a wedding ceremony of a friend who works back at Vadodara and thanks to it my views regarding the place has changed completely.”
Expressing more about the visit, Ghosal said that before coming here she had researched the area though internet adding “I wanted to the in-depth analysis of the place.”
Articulating her tour, the thirty year old asserted that as soon she was told that she was entering into Meghalaya, she was on her toes. “I was a little bit worried but when the journey started to grow, I fell into love with the place especially with the landscape and scenic beauty,” she stated.
“I had wrongly interpreted. The people here are so friendly and helpful. Even in Vadodara, a business hub in Gujarat, people back there are not so helpful,” Ghosal claimed.
When asked about the different places she and her husband has visited, she said, “We reached Shillong on August 26 and on our way we saw (Barapani). It’s amazing but we are yet to visit there.”
“As of now we have visited Cherrapunjee and Shillong peak and some local places. After visiting Cherrapunjee it gave me a thought that why our ‘filmstars’ go abroad and shoot. When there are such beautiful locations here in North East,” she said adding “People outside should respect people from this part of the country.”
On being asked what can the government do to revive the tourism sector, Ghosal who herself is Social Worker said, “There are lots of areas which the government can keep a check to boost tourism in the region. I have not been to other parts of the state, but I am sure that one place is better than the other.”

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