Five militant outfits unite to form A’chik Revolutionary Front

Written by Meghalaya Times. Posted in Front Page

Staff Reporter
TURA, April 02: The various underground groups have formed a new outfit christened ‘A’chik Revolutionary Front (ARF)’ on Tuesday to raise voice of Garo People against prevailing menace unleashed by various militant groups in the name of separate Garo State and to initiate speedy peace-settlement in accordance with yearning of separate Garo State for the Garos.

ARF’s Major General is Grongdik, Deputy Commander in Chief Danil, General Secretary (Captain) Millam, Joint Secretary (Captain)Dimik, Information and Public Relation (Lieutenant) Chugrim, Finance (Lieutenant) Sepi, Foreign (Lieutenant) Chanchi, Chief Adviser Nitorak, President Marang among others.
The ranks and designations of the ARF are divided in accordance to the Army Formation Rules, and their main Objectives are - to resolved “vexed Garo Land issue” by carving out Garo Hills State from the mainland India, to protect and preserve the dignity and the Rights of the Garos, to uplift and nourish the poor and down- trodden, and to raise voice of “the people of Garo Hills” against the several Garo Hills based militants’ dictates.
The groups attached to ARF are UALA, ASAK, LAEF, ANLCA and ANCA.


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