Leadership Training Services commits to ‘Save the World’

Posted in September 2012

Staff Reporter
Shillong, Sept 30:
‘Save the world’ was the cry heard among the members of the Leadership Training Services (LTS), Shillong region during the Annual Sangam held on Sunday at St. Mary’s Higher Secondary School, Shillong. Around 500 members from different schools in and around Shillong joined hands together in their commitment ‘For God and Country.’
In the inaugural speech former Principal of Mary’s College, Shillong, Sr. Philomena Kharkongor RNDM, compared the life of the members of the LTS to a candle who should burn out for others. She encouraged the students to be of service to God, to one’s parents and the society at large.
“Our qualifications and knowledge should be of service to others,” she asserted.
She encouraged the students to work for excellence and perfection. She said that people should rely on them as leaders’ par-excellence.
Poonam Mordani and the team from ‘Art of Living’ animated the session for the students. She gave a brief history about Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, renowned spiritual leader and humanitarian who developed the “Sudarshan Kriya”, a unique breathing technique which brings enormous joy, a stress free mind, healthy body and blossomed life. The Art of Living group demonstrated to the students on the art of breathing.
The afternoon session saw the different schools putting up cultural programmes basing on the theme of love, service, brotherhood of all. Rev Fr. Jose Vettathe SDB, Rector of Sacred Heart Theological College, Shillong was the Chief Guest at the cultural programme.
In his speech he implored the students to develop the attitude of togetherness, oneness and brotherly and sisterly love. He said, “As members of LTS you should create an atmosphere of oneness and a feeling of belonging to one family.”
He also suggested that the students should fill their life with service of love. “Do you want to be beautiful people? You should start filling your life with love for others and create a society where love rules,” he said.
He further asked the students to take pride in being members of the LTS and be leaders.
During the cultural programme, the chief coordinator presented the annual report. The members also took oath committing themselves as LTSer. Earlier, Sr. Xavier Chirayil RNDM, the LTS Regional Coordinator welcomed the gathering. The programme began with the reading from the Bhagavad Gita.

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