106 candidates on 3 days file nomination for KHADC, JHADC MDC election

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SHILLONG, Feb 07: A total of 106 candidates have till Friday, the third day for filing of nomination, filed their nomination for the upcoming district council election to KHADC and JHADC, scheduled for February 24.
74 candidates have filed their nomination for the Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council (KHADC) while 32 candidates have filed nomination for Jaintia Hills Autonomous District Council (JHADC), for the MDC Election 2014.

KHADC: From the Congress, apart from sitting CEM PN Syiem from Mawsynram constituency, nominations have been filed by Rocky Hek, the nephew of Health Minister AL Hek, from Mawkhar – Pynthorumkhrah and Theddius Mawrie from Nongthymmai. Rocky was accompanied by his uncle, AL Hek and Home Minister Roshan Warjri besides supporters. Others from the party include Victor Ranee from Jirang, Augustine Wallang from Nongpoh, R. Briswell Shadap from Mawhati, Dipul Ryntathiang from Umsning, Arbinus Lyngdoh from Umroi, Marbok Kharpran from Sohryngkham, Jansing M. Tynsong from Lyngkyrdem-Laitkroh, Antony Justine  Kongwang from Nongshken, Pynthymmaibor Chyne from Shella, Done Van Wanlang from Sohra, Lamphrang Blah from Mawphlang Diengiei, Diverland Lyngdoh from Mawkyrwat, Manstudy Nongrem from Langrin, Kimfa Sidney Marbaniang from Rambrai Jyrngam, and Srally Rashir from Mawshynrut. 
From HSPDP, sitting legislator Ardent Basaiawmoit filed nomination from Nongkrem. Others include two sitting women MDCs – Grace Kharpuri (who recently resigned from the post of Executive Member - Education) from Nongskhen and Teilinia Thangkhiew from Mylliem constituency besides veteran politician and former Minister Martle M Mukhim, who recently give up his own party (Meghalaya Democratic Party -MDP) and joined HSPDP to contest from Mawkynrew constituency, Tamdor Risaw from Mawsynram, Panbor Ryntathiang from Mawlai, Samson Suting from Langkyrdem Laitkroh, Pyniaid Sing Syiem from Sohryngkham, Banrikupar Wahlang from Laban – Mawprem constituency, Fenela Lyngdoh Nonglait from Pariong-Mawthadraishan, Nolipstar Lyngdoh from Mawkyrwat, Goodleaderson Nongsiej from Nongstoin, Phlastingwell Pangniang from Rambrai Jyrngam, and Morningstar Mawsor from Mawshynrut.
From UDP, Deputy CEM, Remington Pyngrope from Mawkynrew and Jirang, Anthony Nongbri (former Journalist) from Laitumkhrah – Malki, Batskhem Marbaniang from Mawsynram, Krispin Rynthong from Mawkhar – Pynthorumkhrah, David Kharsati from Sohryngkham and Wankupar Syiemlieh from Nongspung Sohiong filed their nomination, Braston Kharphuli from Mawphlang Diengiei, Edarstar Lyngdoh Nongbri from Nongkrem, Teinwell Dkhar from Shella, Brolding Nongsiej from Pariong-Mawthadraishan, P.K. Raswai from Langrin. 
From NCP – incumbent Meghalaya Speaker and sitting MDC Sanbor Shullai from Laban-Mawprem, Danial Wahlang from Mawsynram and Meristila Wahlang from Laitumkhrah – Malki, Wanjoplin K. Syiemlieh from Mawkyrwat constituency have filed their nomination.
From KHNAM, the candidates are sitting MDC Latiplang Kharkongor from Nongthymmai, Probety Nongpluh from Laitumkhrah – Malki, Allowis Dohtdong from Mawkynrew, Iengskhem Diengdoh from Langkyrdem-Laitkroh, Process T. Sawkmie from Mawlai, Kodios Thongni from Jirang, Christabell Wanniang from Umroi, Elphrin Lawai from Sohryngkham, Pyndapborthiaw Saibon from Shella, and Pynshai Manik Syiem from Mawphlang Diengiei.
From NPP, Shri Suly Lyngdoh from Mawsynram has filed nomination.
Independent candidates include – James  Sylliang from Mawhati, Carlus Kharkongor  and Hilarius Marbaniang  from Umsning, Kenny D. Kharkongor from Sohryngkham, Mattsing Nongrum  and Rangphlang Khongwet  from Sohra, Vicky S. Lyngdoh  from Nongthymmai, Banpynshngainlang Rumnong from Mawkhar – Pynthorumkhrah, Donaldson Shanpru from Jaiaw, Upstar Lyngdoh from Nongkrem; Airmarchal Diengngan, Mighter Marwein, Lamphrang Kharbani and Martha R. Marak from Langrin; Tlidingstone Wanniang from Nongstoin. 
JHADC: Stephanson Mukhim (IND) filed nomination from War East; Het Pohthmi (IND) from War West; Lakhon Dkhar (UDP) and Madonbai Rymbai (INC) from Sohmynting-Khliehtyrshi; Sunday Morning Suna (IND) from Mukhla-Wahiajer; J. Marbood Kyndia (HSPDP) - Ummulong-Moodymmai; Celius Biam (INC) – Nongbah; Thombor Shiwat (INC), Hederson Symblai (HSPDP), Moina Phyllut (HSPDP) from Nartiang-Umladang; Britainwar Dan (HSPDP) from Nongjngi; Lakhon Paulus Sungoh (HSPDP) and Ojaris Rabon (NCP) from Shilliang-Myntang; Ri-ioo Sten (IND) - Barato-Mukroh; Channky Lyngdoh (UDP) and Bhawan Shyrmang (INC) – Saphai; Winning Garland Sungo (INC) – Mowkaiaw; Phriskus Sutnga (INC) – Raliang; Biang Shwa Shylla (IND) – Shangpung; J. Ulysses Nongrum (INC) - Jowai-North; A. Andrew Shullai (INC) - Jowai-Central; Dunno Nongpluh (INC) - Jowai –South; Wanbiang Shadap Manar (INC) - Muthlong-Sohkymphor; Obil Kyndait and Wanthmu Pawa, both Independent candidates, from Tuber; Phasmon Dkhar (IND) and Tyrshain Siangshai (INC) - Musniang-Rngat; Hambertus Nongtdu (INC) and Violet Lyngdoh (UDP) - Rymbai Khliehriat; Micheal Nongtdu (INC) and Seiborlang Shadap (IND) - Sutnga Nongkhlieh; and Desous Pohshna (INC) from Narpuh constituency. 


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