Block-II villagers ask NGOs to stop interference in their affairs

Written by Meghalaya Times. Posted in Front Page

Staff Reporter
SHILLONG, Sept 26: The villagers from the disputed Block-II area in Ri-Bhoi have asked the NGOs to stop interfering into their matter, especially with setting up of a bank in Sabuda village by Assam.
Traditional heads and residents from over seventeen villages from the disputed Block-II area on Thursday urged the NGOs to refrain from any kinds of interruption which will harass the public and their interest.

“In view of step-motherly attitude shown by the Meghalaya government, the seventeen villages in a meeting recently had resolved to request the a bank from Assam to set up its branch in Sabuda to cater to the interest of the people of the region,” Hynniewtrep Peoples’ Federation (HPF) president P Lamarai told reporters at a news conference here on Thursday.
He informed that the bank – Langpih Dihangi Rural Bank (LDRB) sponsored by the State Bank of India (SBI) was launched on September 23 last.
Mentionably, two NGOs – Confederation of Ri-Bhoi People (CORP) and Civil Society Women’s Organization (CSWO) led by its general secretary Christable Wanniang, have threatened to launch agitations to stop the proposed bank allegedly being set up by Assam government at Sabuda village in Ri Bhoi district.
Lamarai stated that the people are compelled to allow such kind of development since the nearest bank is in Bhoirymbong which is 50 kilometers away from Block II area.
Also, the villagers have urged the Meghalaya government to set up similar financial institutions in the two villages – Ummat and Umlaper area under Raid Nongtung, Ri-Bhoi.


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