Ambulances reluctant to ferry patients during road blockades

Written by Meghalaya Times. Posted in Front Page

Staff Reporter
NONGSTOIN, Sept 25: Owing to the night road blockade accompanied with various cases of arson and stone pelting incidents and the recent damages caused to the ambulance belonging to Nongstoin Regional Local Taxi Owner and Driver Association (NRLTODA), it has made all ambulances reluctant to ferry patients during the hours of night road blockade.

As per information received, the problem arose on Tuesday night when a pregnant women hailing from Pyngdenglawar suffering from birth pangs and one from Upper New Nongstoin who was seriously ill tried calling an ambulance but all private and government vehicles failed to respond.
Nonetheless, Police had to intervene and assisted the patients to Nongstoin civil hospital for medical procedures and the general public of Nongstoin has condemned the miscreants inflicting these misdemeanors which in turn impede the fragile situation of those in need of medical attention.


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