The roads to nowhere in Garo Hills

Written by Meghalaya Times. Posted in Front Page

Staff Reporter
TURA, July 04: The site of any of the Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana (PMGSY) roads within the Garo Hills region, barring a miniscule few, would leave even the most hardened of hearts bleeding. The PMGSY defines its real motive for the development of roads as ‘all weather roads’, meant to help simplify the transport needs of the people of different states. The north-eastern region has been given a special preference in allotment, but the reality of the region makes one gaze in disbelief at the state of affairs.

Most roads within the Garo Hills region under the scheme are in such pathetic conditions that people cannot even use them in dry weather, let alone all weather. One of the driving principles of the roads is black-topping of the road so as to ensure that it lasts the whole year through. Another feature of the road is also that the period of guarantee, which generally is about 5 years, belongs to the contractor, who is supposed to look after the road as well as ensure repairs. Bearing this principle in mind, one can blindly say that the PMGSY efforts of the Government have failed.
From right across East Garo Hills to the newly formed North and South West Garo Hills, about 90 percent of the projects do not have metalling, forget black topping. Bhaitbari, Chibinang, Phulbari, Gasuapara, connecting villages of NH 62, NH 51 and every other place, would see a sign placed for where there should be a road to connect villages, but the road itself has not been made.
Some contractors have complained saying that their dues are not cleared while others complain that the estimates provided by the engineers have proved incorrect, which means that they were unable to comply with the road specifications due to financial crunches that have happened.


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