NGOs decry death of innocent people, ask for security

Written by Meghalaya Times. Posted in Front Page

Staff Reporter
TURA, July 03: The recent gruesome murder of a young boy and an elderly teacher has shaken the foundation of the people of the region. The act was decried by all sections of people of the region and loud discussions were held to see if there was a solution for the problem at hand and ways to rectify the current crisis. NGOs of the region have spoken in unison about what they thought was not excusable and wanted ask the administration as to how much more the people of the region would have to wait for protection.

Working Secretary of an NGO, Bibash Sangma of Phulbari condemned the incident and asked for compensation while asking for security to the people of the border areas and the plain belt. He also asked for the people of the region to maintain peace as any escalation of tensions would have a negative effect on the people of the region. While attending the condolence meeting for the victims and especially the woman who was a well respected part of the Phulbari society, he said he hoped things would turn for the better in the days to come, especially with the normalizing of the tensions.
The FKJGP of Phulbari expressed their horror at the deaths and said innocent people should not be sacrificed by mischief mongers. They also hoped that things would work for the better henceforth and insensitive killings would stop.
The Achik Students Welfare Association (ASWA) echoed the sentiments and said respect for all cultures needed to be encouraged. Saying that the blood of all people all around the world was the same, the ASWA said the premium on human life needed to be higher and the administration needed to ensure it stayed that way. They also asked people to come together at this difficult time and show they could deal with the problems faced by all of Garo Hills and to not let external factors influence them.
The Achik Youth Welfare Organization (AYWO) gave their condolences to the families of the victims and asked for the people to get together to speak as one and ensure the violence did not flare up again.
The double murder has made the people aware of the necessity of the control to ensure things do not go out of hand. With the administration working overtime to ensure safety of the people of Garo Hills, the problem that has become a reality is that not all people can be protected all the time and the appeal has gone out to ensure things do not go out of hand. The administration also asked people not to trust in rumours and to try and get a clarification if they need from the people who can give them answers.


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