Takeover CMJ University till completion of courses: students to Govt

Written by Meghalaya Times. Posted in Front Page

Staff Reporter
SHILLONG, June 12: Aggrieved students of the controversial CMJ University on Wednesday asked the Meghalaya government to either resolve their grievances that aroused out of the University’s closure or should take over the University till the completion of their courses.
A delegation of the students’ fraternity Wednesday  submitted a seven-point memorandum to the Director of Directorate of Higher & Technical Education (DHTE) recalling its promise to redress the problems faced by them.

The DHTE had asked the affected students to submit their documents for facilitating their enrolment in other educational institutions in the state.
However, the students have asked the government to allow them to continue and complete their respective courses in due time as per the duration of the courses without extending any additional academic year or semester.
According to them, there are possibilities that the students stand to lose an academic year or semester once they are absorbed in other universities and institutions.
Stating that the most of the students are worried with regards to monetary aspects in term of admission and tuition fees, they said, “We urge the government to devise a strategy where the students will not be affected financially once they are absorbed into other institution.”
The memorandum also draws the sensitivity of the gazetted officers who refused to attest the documents of the students from the CMJ University.
“Due to this, students have not been able to submit attested copies of their documents to the DHTE,” they said while requesting that the matter be taken up by the department.
Further, the students urged the department to organize a meeting between the officials of the education department, Principals and Vice Chancellors of the various institutions that will absorb the affected students of the CMJ Universities.
The students also insisted that the state government must take over the University till completion of their courses as per the CMJ University Act 2009 if their grievances are not taken into consideration.


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