ANVC(B) hints at ANVC – Police nexus behind Rimpu’s missing case

Written by Meghalaya Times. Posted in Front Page

Staff Reporter
Shillong, May 12: ANVC(B) on Wednesday allegedly that police in collusion with ANVC is involved in the episode of their Chairman going missing, whose whereabouts are still unknown.
In a press communiqué, General Secretary, ANVC(B), Jakrik Wareng .A. Sangma claimed that the vehicles (ML 08C 3602 and ML 08C 4247) that were allegedly used in the operation against their Chairman, Rimpu N Marak, belonged to ANVC.

“These vehicles were working closely with police on various occasions which was apprised to the Home Minister last month. ANVC's role needs to be clarified. We are sure of ANVC involvement because the vehicles belonged to ANVC,” Sangma said claiming that it was an ANVC cadre named ‘Sasan’ who had informed police about ANVC(B) chairman’s movement.
According to Sangma, “Sasan is an ANVC cadre who was picked by Shillong police last year from Hotel Grace in girl trafficking case. He is one of the most trusted cadres of ANVC Chairman, and is very well known for massive extortion from Nongal area using ANVC weapons even after ceasefire. He is now in Tura, seen very often in SP office in his South Indian styled jeep, going around like a “Dada”. Police have been following the “Dabangg” and “Singham” trend and unfortunately, even ANVC is doing it now. This is very unfair towards the decent people of Tura”.
He was of the opinion that if government is supposedly planning to rule Garos by might, gun and dadas, than government policies are aimed in wrong direction as ANVC(B) will not be silent and a mute spectator to such atrocities.
“We will stand as the strongest opponents if the humility, simplicity, tolerance and meekness of our people is targeted and peace is threatened,” affirmed Sangma.
Underlining that signing of the draft Peace Pact to bring peace to Garo Hills will be upheld by every cadre of ANVC(B), be it a cadre from Garo Hills or Assam or Khasi Hills or Bangladesh, he said, “We will stand to protect what our leader believed in and signed in an agreement. No more corrupt policies and foul games will be tolerated.”
Besides, he also condemned the government for allegedly using ANVC in covert operations against ANVC(B), especially when an agreement is already signed to bring peace.
He further informed that ANVC(B) chief Mokus is doing his best to get Rimpu to safety and get things under control by pushing things to a higher ground and urged all of the outfit’s cadres to be at peace and not to do anything drastic which will affect the ongoing peace process.


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