Williamnagar Rape: Shamed once more

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Williamnagar, March 17: The town of Williamnagar was shamed once more, when another minor girl was gang raped in what is now drawing a lot of scrutiny. On March 9 last, police arrested one Francis Sangma, who has been charged with rape of a minor girl. The police stated that another 3 of the culprits are still at large after the incident. The incident happened on the Williamnagar – Tura road near Rongjeng at a place called Rongmil.

The four accused were travelling in a Bolero GLX in which, the girl stated, she was forced into on the pretext of giving a lift. The girl has identified the four accused as Francis Sangma, Rajesh, Hale and Sanjoy. The men then took her out towards the jungle.
However, a police patrol van, which was on the lookout for dacoits of coal trucks spotted the vehicle. Unfortunately, the dacoits too saw the police and started to fire. In the melee, the four youths inside the vehicle panicked and tried to drive away from the scene of crime. However, they lost control and crashed into a coal truck that was parked on the road. Three of the accused managed to slip away, while Francis was caught with the girl.
A FIR was lodged in the Rongjeng Police station of rape of a minor which was later confirmed after a check by the medical officer. A case of rape has been taken up.
All the NGOs of Williamnagar, including the GSU, FKJGP, the FAF and AIAU have condemned the incident, with a rally being taken out on March 12 last to condemn the incident. The NGOs have also asked the Police to be more vigilant, to ensure that such acts are not repeated in the future.
With the debate in Parliament on the punishment for sexual crimes already taking shape, this happens to be the 2nd major case of rape in Williamnagar, in the past three months.


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