ANVC(B) predicts end of Purno’s political career

Posted in October 2012

Staff Reporter
Shillong, Oct 31:
Predicting the political journey of GHADC CEM Purno K Sangma, ANVC(B) on Wednesday announced that the Council Chief will soon find himself at a dead-end in his political career.
The breakaway faction said it based the claim on Sangma being ‘disturbed and insecure’.
In a press communiqué, it said, “Somebody thought ANVC(B) will go desperate and try to prove its capability if PK Sangma does not resign, in the process create another terrorist out of revolutionists.”
“We might have failed to make PK Sangma resign but this is where he will retire,” it asserted adding “politically and mentally PK Sangma is disturbed and insecure and chances of getting elected in the upcoming election is doubtful.”
Assuring that the outfit will not kill Purno, ANVC(B) said, “In Garo Hills, killing is not a solution”.
“We believe in strategies which are object oriented and constructive to the society,” it highlighted.
The outfit further pointed out that it does not want to win nor need to prove its might. “We only want a solution, and to make a permanent impact on the perception of the people in bringing in a positive change in the society,” it said.
It also apprised that there is sort of awakening among nokmas, villagers and various section of the society which is ‘only the beginning’.
Besides, the breakaway faction asserted that most of the council gates will have a tough time collecting tax and is bound to affect many politicians who allegedly are having a share from these gates.

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