ANVC(B) surprised with surveillance system installation in GHADC

Posted in October 2012

Staff Reporter
Shillong, Oct 31:
Surprised over the newly installed surveillance system in Garo Hills Autonomous District Council (GHADC), ANVC(B) Wednesday said “Fastest development done in the Council in decades is the installation of the surveillance camera and the security system.”
“It was a record breaking initiative which would have been more appreciable if they were that serious on other issues related to the common people,” the outfit said while sarcastically adding “We have never seen in decades a development taking place in the council so fast.”
ANVC(B) highlighted that it usually takes months to get one document signed in the council, and years for settling any case and conflict but the hi-tech surveillance system was installed overnight.
The breakaway faction also clarified that it never threatened to “kill” GHADC CEM PK Sangma but only demanded his resignation as there has not been any ‘apparent’ good done for the general public.
The outfit also commented that Sangma going around with security personals is a little too much for a local politician who does not have a threat to his life.
“This, we see as a short term political plan of his patron which is aimed to destroy him (Sangma) before his political career takes flight,” opined ANVC(B).

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