Horrendous traffic jams along NH-44

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Staff Reporter
Shillong, Dec 30:
While the traffic snarls in city seem to have dropped suddenly after the implementation of new timings for entry of truck, Shillong suburbs are now feeling the burden of the government’s move.
On Friday, vehicles on NH-44 lay stranded for hours. A family going to a marriage was left stranded for more than three hours at Mihmyntdu, in between Lad Thalaboh and 8 mile. When the vehicle failed to bulge even an inch after several hours, the family returned back to Shillong, which took another three hours.
The family could not reach the marriage venue and had to carry back home the gifts.
In another horrendous traffic jam witnessed on Thursday, a pregnant died on way from Jowai suburbs to a hospital in Jowai. The patient was stuck in the traffic jam.

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