Senglong kmie seize 60 cases of illicit liquor

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Staff Reporter
The Senglong kmie New Nongstoin Friday seized around 60 cases of illicit liquor from one truck bearing registration number - ML 06- 4387. The vehicle driver has been identified as one Tarningstar Marngar, who was accompanied by another person.
AK Kharsyntiew, Secretary of the Senglong Kmie New Nongstoin, informed the media that acting on a tip – off regarding the particular carrying huge quantity of illicit liquor, they tried to stop the vehicle but the driver refused and tried to flee.
The Senglong Kmie chased the vehicle and caught the vehicle at Phodkynthei, 3 km from Nongstoin.
Kharsyntiew urged upon the local people of Nongstoin to give full cooperation to the SengLong Kmie in its endeavor to eradicate anti – social elements which hamper the society.
She also underlines that the Senglongkmie will continue to conduct search operation and has warned the wrongdoers of severe punishment if found guilty.

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