Need to fight poverty, illiteracy, social evils: Roshan Warjri

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Shillong, Dec 30:
Chairperson of the State Women Commission Roshan Warjri on Friday asserted that though the country has gained freedom but it is still under the reign of poverty, illiteracy and social evils.
Speaking at the function organized by Sein Raij Niamtre Shillong to commemorate 149th death anniversary of U Kiang Nangbah at Sein Raij Hall, Warjri said “we need to fight unitedly” when talking of curbing the above mention issues that have enslaved man in modern times.
Stating that freedom is the most important factor, a country without freedom cannot even be claimed to be alive, she said “we are all very much alive” which was evident from the number of people present for the function.
The theme of the function was “The relevance of U Kiang Nangbah today”.
Principal of St Edmund’s College, Shillong Dr Sylvanus Lamare, speaking as the guest speaker, called upon writers and authors who document every detail they have on U Kiang Nangbah and to find out which was the year that people started to observe the death anniversary of the great patriot and prophet.
He stressed on the importance of documentation of events and folklore while trying to deliberate on the reasons for historians’ not encouraging documentation of local culture.
He urged upon Sein Raij Niamtre Shillong, since next year the 150th death anniversary of U Kiang Nangbah, organize quiz competitions in various schools on the great patriot and distribute prizes on December 30 next year.
He also opined for having a library of U Kiang Nangbah.
Further, he informed that the name of U Kiang Nangbah is being misused widely as during research he found out 7449 sites claiming to have information on the great patriot and prophet but all were filled with advertisements while only 40-50 sites had genuine information.
Moreover, he expressed dismay over the low turnout of people to observe the day citing even the venue of the programme was not full and only a handful of people were observing the day.
U Kiang Nangbah fought against the British imperialism in 1861-62 and was sentenced to death by hanging at Yawmusiang on 30.12.1862. He faced the gallows with courage and one could not forget his prophetic message which he uttered from the gallows to his people. He said, "Brothers and sisters please look carefully on my face when I die on the gallows. If my face turned towards the east, my country will be free from the foreign yoke within 100 years; if it turns towards the west my country will remain in bondage for good". True to his words in less than 100 years, on the August 15, 1947 the British had to leave the country making U Kiang Nangbah a patriot and a prophet.

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