AJYWO oppose govt order for trucks traffic management

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Staff Reporter
Shillong, Dec 30:
“Traffic in Jaintia Hills has gotten worse from bad” asserted AJYWO (Central Body) President MH Dkhar in a press statement on Friday.
He said traffic congestion has increased beyond control in the district and is still on a rise every day. He said the new restriction on entry of trucks imposed by the government is affecting the general public adversely.
Expressing resentment over the new order, Dkhar suggested that government should either look for better place for trucks to park, or declare one – way traffic on alternative days, for to and fro movement, along Badarpur – Guwahati stretch.
He also added if the government construct a bye – pass road or broaden the roads, the worse is only about to come and public will be at the suffering end.

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