Stray dogs - society’s supposed scourge

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Jaya Gupta
“Street dogs” often orphan by default! However the thought of such dogs might be piffling to human beings. People do not even ponder over such trifles. Street dogs are just some nuisance creating creatures for them. But has one ever wondered how these creatures got the title of “street dogs”? Well for once at least, let’s give it a thought.
One should not really expect animals to be endowed with the kind of emotions and intelligence like humans have, which is exactly the reason why these creatures often abandon their babies right after giving birth. This unmonitored and unchecked occurrence leads to the increase in the population of the street creatures. This not only creates problems for the animals but creates nuisance for the people living around as well.
Sometimes it so happens that the owners of the dogs in order to get rid of them leave them at lurch on streets or other possible places. These activities of human beings aggravate the problem. The nuisance created by the street dogs is unintentional of course but it is increasing in leaps and bounds. The troubles faced by the people coming across these street dogs are really serious.
One of the national news channeled had earlier reported that a day after a baby boy was allegedly bitten to death by stray dogs in Warangal; a pack of about 10 stray dogs dragged a two-day-old baby girl out of Kothaveedhi area in Porumamilla town and mauled her to death on Thursday.
This nerve wrecking incident has really shaken everyone residing in Porumamilla town. These street dogs not only pose a threat to passersby but also sometimes do serious harms to them. This leads the people in ill treatment of the street dogs.
However, the case is not the same everywhere. There are places where people are affectionate enough to spend their leisure time with the street dogs. Sources say that people spend their evenings feeding stray animals, particularly street dogs.
If other people take cues by treating them in humane way and act with a little benevolence they will definitely not do any harm to anyone. The government should also play an active role in providing safe sanctuaries like dog shelter.
Though the government is trying hard to improve the present conditions, the channel had reported that the Government Pet Clinics of Chandigarh will sterilize the stray dogs of the city to deal with the ever-increasing stray dog menace in Chandigarh. The clinic is already performing sterilization on the stray dogs in Panchkula but Chandigarh too will be included.
If the governments of all the states take such actions, India will no longer face the troubles of street animals and there will probably be no danger of such kind. If the action in Chandigarh is translated into action everywhere else in the country then it will do justice to both -the dogs and the humans.

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