ATM machines bearing brunt of public agony

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Staff Reporter
Shillong, Dec 28:
It is that time of the year again when most ATM are out of cash in city. Despite huge hue and cry every year for taking appropriate steps to address this issue which hits general public every festive season, nothing has been done.
In fact, the public is now demanding to revert back to the old ATMs with buttons instead of the newly setup touch screen ATM machines.
Many ATM screens in city are broken. The reason could range from people not knowing to operate the machine to miscreants angry over cash strapped ATMs or even some ATM touch screens not working at all.
However, the issue has always been the cash strapped ATMs. Interestingly, now the Rs 1000 denomination notes seem to be on acute shortage as the machines only shell out Rs 500 denomination notes.
This has added to the woes of public who have to withdraw 2-3 times in case of drawing higher quantity of money.
Most ATMs in city are now keeping a sign board saying “ATM out of service”.
Shillong seems to be the exceptional city facing this problem every year. Even in metropolitans, which has population 10 – 100 times more than that of entire Meghalaya, this problem does not seem to persist. 
It is time that the consumer court needs to serve suo motto to banks in city for not making arrangements for such festive season.

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