‘Education system needs to be more practical oriented’

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Shillong, Dec 27:
There is a lot of latent and untapped talent in the North Eastern Region (NER). This is now a well know fact around the country when talking about India’s NER. Despite this recognition of the potentialities of the students from the region, the problem has been of not enough or hardly anyone shining at the national arena.
Talking to Meghalaya Times, CEO of Sambodhi Research & Management Institute, Sahaniya Srivastava on the education system in North East, especially Meghalaya, she asserts that now is the era of not teaching students but training them.
She opines that students from the region seem to be lacking in confidence. The confidence to come out and showcase their talent.
“I think we need to differentiate between two basic human capacities here - one to possess and hold knowledge and the other to showcase it. While one may have a lot of knowledge about any subject, it needs another skill to be able to demonstrate and display it in a competitive environment or setting, such as an examination or a quiz”, she says.
According to her, this differential between these two capacities might not be necessarily endemic to NER. “Experience has taught us that confidence is an essential ingredient of success”, she firmly states.
The current education scenario in NER has to bridge this gap, putting special emphasis on building and polishing life skills in addition to augmenting the knowledge base of students. In most circumstances, presentation of knowledge is as important as its possession.
The deficiencies and lacunae may be multiple including the curriculum taught, the way education is delivered, way of evaluation and assessment of students’ performance and so on.
“It may be more fruitful for us as a community (of educators) to focus and direct energies on how we could plug and fill some of these gaps”, she advocates.
One of the inferences that have been arrived at is that much of what our education system delivers is theory without delving enough into the application of concepts, asserts Srivastava adding “this is especially dangerous when it comes to applied subjects such as management”.
It is important to strike a balance between imparting the knowledge of concepts and their application in the real world.

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