Eco-friendly Crematorium ‘Ka Khnap Thangbru’ inaugurated

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The Eco-friendly Crematorium ‘Ka Khnap Thangbru’ was on Wednesday inaugurated at the Lumjingthang Briew, Jaiaw Laitdom (Wahumkhrah), Shillong by Meghalaya Deputy Chief Minister Bindo M Lanong. The Crematorium is an innovation of Kambel Shullai, the National Grassroots Technological Innovations and Traditional Knowledge Awardee.
The low cost environment friendly crematorium is a long structure, open at one end and connected to a 36 feet high chimney at the other end. The chimney has a cover that can be operated from outside for controlling the intensity of the flames inside the crematorium.
Speaking at the occasion, Lanong suggested that the eco-friendly crematorium should be patented, while exhorting that this should be done not to make revenue but to have the founders name in record.
He was also of the opinion that government too should now create awareness on making crematoriums eco – friendly and cost effective.
Meanwhile, Mawprem representative Manas Choudhury said he will also try to set up such crematorium at cremation ground in Riat Laban by taking up the matter with the Seng Khasi of Riat Laban.
Jaiaw representative, Paul Lyngdoh, asserted that in today’s world, the battle for space has been extended to the deceased as well.
On the occasion, a marble plaque in honour of Shullai was unveiled by Lanong, and Shullai was conferred with the Lakhon Chullai Lifetime Achievement Award.
A souvenir of the Sein Raij Niamtre Shillong “Sah Kynmoo” was also released.
Others who spoke at the occasion include General Secretary Niamtre Shillong, Dr Omarlin Kyndiah; Dalloi Elaka Jowai, KC Rymbai; President Seng Khasi Kmie, M F Blah; President Sein Raij Niamtre, Jowai, O R Challam; among others.
Mentionably, Shullai was born in Jowai on February 8, 1939. Though he went to school, he had to drop out after Class II due to ill health. During the Chinese aggression of 1962 he joined the Civil Defence Training organised by the Government of India in Shillong. Here he gained experience about the mechanism of fire control, which made him think about innovating the system of cremating the dead.
He took three years to design the project and eight years to convince the elder of Jowai and the Sein Raij. His idea became a reality when Sein Raij finally set up the eco-friendly crematorium.

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