The world is in chaos due to climate change

Written by Meghalaya Times. Posted in Editorial

Thomas Lim
Nature is said to have always given back to the world based on the treatment, be it the fury of nature or pleasant atmosphere which all depend on how mankind abuse or conserves the environment. In an attempt to restore the Earth, Leaders of the 2018 Global Climate Action Summit, to be hosted in San Francisco- September 12-14, will bring together state and local governments, business and citizens from around the world to showcase climate action taking place. It also announced that the event will meet or exceed international sustainability standards for large events like concerts and conventions through actions, including waste reduction and other measures to limit the emissions.

The call is the need of the hour as the world has witnessed how the rain since July has claimed about 200 lives in Uttar Pradesh (UP), the ongoing forest fires in Southern California, where so far over 15 Sq miles of forest have been engulfed and over 20,000 under evacuation orders. While there is flooding in Paris in France, Austria is facing a drought, heavy rain is being witnessed in Southern China, and for the first time Italy, Portugal and Spain too are facing the furry of natural calamities this time putting the world in chaos.
Bach in India, two-days of rain in Kerala has caused huge damage, within the first 24 hours itself has claimed 26 lives, and on the second day, all the five gates of one of the dams of the Idukki water reservoir have been opened to control the swelling water which is nearing the full capacity because of the incessant rain the last gate was opened 26 years back. The worst affected area are Wayanad, Kannur, Idukki and Malappuram, here even the road have been washed off by the flood.
Sixty nine tourists, including 20 foreigners, are stranded at a resort in the popular hill station of Munnar in Idukki. The roads leading to the resort are blocked due to landslides. The army has been called in to evacuate them.
Talking about have the nature will treat the world, one can witnessed recently when the Juhu beach have to removed over 50,000 kgs of trash thrown back by the wave, which have been discarded by the human kind, similarly be it flood, Drought, heat-wave or the sand-burst to acidic rain, is all the return from the nature what the human kind have contributed.
Here in Meghalaya, it is the same, where once the water pipes needed to be heated during winter for drinking water from the tap but the same places where this was done are now experiencing the heat in the summer and a warmer winter.
This time according to the Meteorology department, this time Meghalaya has received 26 percent deficiency of rainfall till date, yet few low land area are flooded due to the poor management of drainage system in the state, the water pipe are chocked, due to poor maintenance of filter system at the sources. Also the hills state is no longer receiving continuous rainfall for nine days and nights, now it’s a myth. Hence, the state which is solely dependent on Hydro-electricity is facing load shading which was unheard of about a decade back.
The National Green Tribunal has only focused on rat-hole mining in Meghalaya and failed to be pro-active when it comes to chopping of hills and trees, sand-mining, or stone quarry all have contributed to the climate change in Meghalaya, not to forget how the stores have mushroomed in lanes and bye-lanes choking the streets and the smoke or carbon emitting from the stranded vehicles too has polluted the urban parts of Meghalaya.
It is sad that in spite of various whistleblowers raising the alarm of encroachment of Wah Umkhrah River and Wah Umshyrpi river, these have turned them into a drains. We have now destroyed most of the water bodies, yet the state government has failed to constitute any Committee and prepare any report on encroachment, which has changed the ecology of the state.
If Meghalaya continues to remain a mere spectator to all this abuse of the environment, is it far that this mineral rich and forest covered hill station will soon experience a drought, heat-wave, sand-burst or acidic rain? The billion dollar question remains - who will bell the cat?


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