Bike Rally to mark National Voters’ Day today

Posted in January 2012

Thomas Lim

The Election Commission of India has declared January 25 as “National Voters’ Day” for motivating eligible voters to enroll their names in the electoral roll voluntarily in pursuance of its theme during the Diamond Jubilee year celebration (2010-11) – Greater participation for a stronger democracy. This year Deputy Commissioner, East Khasi Hills District, Shillong is organizing a Bike Rally to create awareness, also Essay Competition on the theme “Role of a voter in free, fair, peaceful and fearless elections.”
India is a country in South Asia. It is the seventh-largest country by geographical area, the second-most populous country with over 1.2 billion people, and the most populous democracy in the world. Many look upon India for the democratic system. Only in the year 2011, after 60 years of Independence, the nation is observing National Voters’ Day!
Is voting still a fundamental right in India? This is one of the National arguments, because most people are still not voting hundred percent in an area, they consider the exercise as an additional responsibility. For some it is one of the saleable items which comes only once in five years. While other feels it is just a signatory right to voluntarily choose a system to safeguard the fundamental right of freedom, and that is the property right.
This year Meghalaya government had organized an Essay Completion, themed “Role of a voter in free, fair, peaceful and fearless elections.” The very mention of ‘peaceful and fearless elections’ states that till date the election was not conducted with full conviction of the voters. 
If query is limited to election, it is witnessed that even the school children is well versed on the Rule of game of politician here in the state and strongly despise the politicking methods. However every eligible voter seems to differ with the young mind, as they too were young once, when it comes to exercising their respective franchises.
Bihar 2010 election has forced the world to rewrite the history of election. Bihar, till this recent result have been in the limelight for all the wrong doings. This time, the vote are being cast purely in favors of development and progress, totally wiping out the cheap politicking of cast, religion, money power, dynastic politics and personal charisma.
Meghalaya general assembly election is due for 2013, just a year away, need to take a lesson from Bihar for once, to have a clean politics and focus only on development and progress.
All such can be a reality when all the eligible voters come out to cast their precious vote. It is strange that most says they have lost faith in the democratic system so they refuse to vote. Actually such section of the voters should all come out to cast their votes enabling the state and the country to change, the change through votes. Abstaining from the process is actually supporting the corrupt system to continue.
Last year Meghalaya celebrated National Voters’ Day by facilitating the newly registered voters in each polling station. All EPICs for the newly registered voters were distributed in the function; this is the most welcoming step in encouraging the new system, with new mandate for a change.
The ground work for almost all the prospective candidates, including the sitting MLAs for 2013 General Assembly Election have long back started the campaigning building their respective vote bank, due to the delimitation of constituencies in the state.
With new demarcation, meaning new sets of agenda and mandate is the right time for all the voters to come out to cast their precious votes and make a total change, the change for better governance and development. Yes we can. Let us all pledge on this January 25 as declared by The Election Commission of India as “National Voters’ Day” to start preparing our self for a change.

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