The day Humanity is lost...

Written by Meghalaya Times. Posted in Editorial

Thomas Lim

Peacemaking calls for courage, much more so than warfare. It calls for the courage to say yes to encounter and no to conflict, yes to dialogue and not to violence: Pope Francis

The nation was in shocked, pained at the same time disbelieves over the insanity act where two youths from Guwahati were beaten to death by an agitated mob at a remote location in Karbi Anglong district on suspicion of being child lifters. The district administration and other sections of the societies have blames it on the Social Media for the ‘fake’ news, which have instilled the fear psychosis in the society which resulted to the most unfortunate incident which claimed two talented life.

According to the Assam Police, two youths from Guwahati were battered to death in Assam’s Karbi Anglong district on June 9,, 2018 night on suspicion of being child lifters. Both of them - Abhijit Nath (30 years) and Nilutpal Das (28 years) were on their way to the Kanthe Langshu picnic spot when their vehicle was attacked by a group of men at Panjuri Kachari village, 16 km from Dokmoka town. Eyewitnesses said the two boys were brutally hit by bamboo poles and wood, and tortured to death by a mob of ‘inebriated’ villagers.
A disturbing video that emerged in local media and social network showed the two youths begging for mercy – their face and body smeared with blood Where Nilutpal kept pleading, Moi oxomiya- I am an Assamese.  He also justified while pleading that his father’s name is Gopal Chandra Das and mother is Radhika Das. But the mob continued to hit them mercilessly until they lay motionless on the road. Villagers cut off Nilutpal’s dreadlocks and they were found on the spot along with their belongings stained with blood. The mob also destroyed the black Mahindra Scorpio.
The horrifying video uploaded will make every viewer to shiver till the spine, and wonder has Humanity totally lost in the society, supposed to be of multi-cultural, multi-structural and most important of all a Tolerant social order. But the 21st century civilization, claimed to be Information Technologies savvy world, seems like the machinery have enslave the thinking power and the people have stop assessment between the fake and genuine media information.
The unadulterated plead of Nilutpal- Moi oxomiya is a patriotic pride he thought will enable the mob to stop hitting him and his friend Abhijit whose only motive was to enjoy natural beauty and to promote tourism, the innocent youth- Nilutpal was pursuing his Musical career in Goa, he was a permanent resident of Guwahati had been operating an event management company with his friends in Goa called Sema Luna. A promising musician, he was known to be playing traditional musical instruments like the Didgeridoo, Djembe and the mouth harp. His father, Gopal Chandra Das, is a retired railway officer and his mother, Radhika Das, a teacher at a government school in the city.
Abhijit was a local contractor from Guwahati. His father, Ajit Nath, is an Agriculture department official and his mother, Shashiprava Nath, is a retired history professor of a government college in Assam.
Both of them fall prey because of a rumour on social media that a group of ‘sopadhara’ (meaning child abductor or lifter in Assamese) were on the prowl in Nagaland’s Dimapur town and some of its adjoining areas in the district because of mistaken identity as child lifters.
The teaching of Pope Francis calling all the God loving children across the world to engaged more in dialogue to eradicate conflict. If only the mob in Dokmoka town would have adopted the same reasoning, two precious lives would have been able to contribute back in Nation Building.
The point to ponder, be it in Asssam- Karbi Anglong, Meghalaya or any part of the world, should the contemporary society’s keeps upon themselves as Moral Policing Activists, or the self-claimed Custodians and caretaker of their respective Indigenous tribes, or even the civil society activists like Gau Rakshaks (Cow Protectors) have resulted to the conflicts like this and others like Honour killing and worst of all ethnic cleansing!
The respective state government, who prime duties is to maintain Law and Order, as Home Department being the State Subject, should confine in maintaining normalcy in their respective state, and should prevent any such Patrolling by the civilians like that of Karbi Anglong, in the past Tripura too where mob had killed a young TV journalist- Shantanu Bhowmick (28) who was beaten to death by a mob on September 20, 2017 after violence broke out between political activists and police in Tripura during the  lathicharge to dispersed the mob in Mandai just to name a few.
The blessing of technologies coupled with booming of gadgets have pamper the same societies claimed to the protecting the society, it is so evident that none actually have human emotion, as they have been enslaved by the social media- the virtual world, hence the human senses and sensibility have totally vanished, as witnessed how mercilessly both Abhijit and Nilutpal are the victims of such society where Humanity is lost.


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