Three months old MDA bears the burns of three decades old

Written by Meghalaya Times. Posted in Editorial

Thomas Lim

The recent breakdown of Law and Order is the last things any incumbent government will wish for, whereas just less than three month old Meghalaya Democratic Alliance (MDA) led by National People’s Party (NPP) headed by Conrad Kongkal Sangma, who assumes office as the 12th Chief Minister of Meghalaya on March 6, 2018 is indeed taken by surprise how a pity road skirmish between some women and a driver of Shillong Public Transport Service bus at Them Meteor, which led to an assault of three persons on May 31, who is the bus conductor, the son of the driver, could take an ugly effects as things were blown out of proportions as the rumors got the best of the situation through the social media resulting to imposition of curfew in the state capital after 15 years.

Conrad on day one as he arrived to Secretariats to perform his duty at early hours, have given a ran to all the state government employees, who are so used of reaching late, it is stated that he was trying his best to compile a glossy Progress Report on completion of 100 days in Office on June 14, 2018,
Conrad was trying his best to pull the string of the Bharatiya Janata Party-led National Democratic Alliance government, which NPP is a partner, with central schemes and projects as an impression of his government, and before he resigned as the Parliamentary Member of Tura Lok Sabha constituency, which he have another three months, that may help him as he seek election to the Assembly, and the constituency is yet to be decided, as talk is now on as to who will now relinquish a seat for him, most likely that his own sister - Agatha Kongkal Sangma will sacrifice her South Tura Assembly constituency to make way for him, as she once again seek election to the Lok Sabha from NPP ticket.
All the political calculation of MDA camp was diverted due to the violence which have now turned into the protestors demanding the removal of the Punjabi Lane, where the skirmish have now turned into the demands for the removal of the Shillong’s Punjabi Lane that is also known as the Sweeper’s Colony.
High Level Panel on Punjabi Lane relocation headed by Deputy Chief Minister, Prestone Tynsong is constituted to look into the matter, is now being face with the biggest obstacle when a five member delegations of the United Sikh Organisation (USO) have maintained that the question of shifting the people of Punjabi Colony from Them Metor at Bara bazaar in the city is not acceptable to them. The suggested that the state government to propose an alternative solution to this problem.
 USO member Mohinderjit Singh further said that the Sikh population has never been asked to leave even from Afghanistan and Pakistan adding that the Sikh community has been residing in these countries for more than 100 years. He added the state Home Minister, James Kongkal Sangma was apprised of the same in the meeting, also informed that the Sikh communities across the world are ready to support in the construction of multi-storied buildings in the existing location if the Government gives them permission. So the question of the Sweeper’s Colony of being unhygienic will not remain.
Whereas, the protestors are in the lock-horn and would not rest till the Sweeper’s Colony are relocated. Just a week away from here MDA will be observing the first 100 days in the office, busy sorting out a solution which the inherited.
Be it MDA or the Congress-led Meghalaya United Alliance (MUA I and II) government of Dr Mukul Manda Sangma should stop blaming each other, as neither of the governments created the issues, therefore, Cutting across political lines, all stakeholders and political parties should jointly contribute in solving the three decades old issues for a better and Peaceful Meghalaya in general, Shillong in particular, so that normalcy can be restore at the earliest.


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