HC, Mukul slam political appointments for decaying governance

Written by Meghalaya Times. Posted in Editorial

Thomas Lim
The Meghalaya High Court while ordering the cancelling of teachers’ appointment of LP School since the infamous white ink fiasco was at a gigantic proportion. Chief Minister Dr Mukul M Sangma while reacting to the court’s observation added that this is the eye-opener for political references for jobs. It is indeed that such political appointments is one of the main causes of decaying governance, at the same time meritorious youth have gone into depression due to unemployment.

This brings to mind the scuffle between the agitators and Meghalaya police, as the Deprived Grade IV candidates under the banner of Association of Qualified Grade-IV Candidate (AQGC) 2011 of East Khasi Hills district held an indefinite hunger strike by the side of the office of Meghalaya Chief Election Officer during the last election in 2013, at the parking lot near Additional Secretariat. The agitation was called off after the intervention of than East Khasi Hills Deputy Commissioner, Sanjay Goyal, who enlightened the agitators that as the model code of conduct is in force; no fresh appointment can take place.
Also, Civil Society Women’s Organization (CSWO) had demand the care taker government to immediately terminate and cancel all the adhoc and alleged back door appointments to ensure that the deprived candidates of District Selection Committee, Grade IV who have passed their examination get their due right to the government job in different departments.
The unfortunate scuffle exposed the frustration of the qualified youth who remain unemployed in the state. The cry of CSWO regarding the backdoor or political appointee is a serious concern. The recent exposure by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) regarding the tempering of marks sheet for the appointment of Primary School Teachers by the incumbent Education Minister, is yet another black mark.
The exposure of the deficiency in the supply of nutritious foodstuff under the Integrated Child Development Scheme, is yet another act which harmed the growth of the already under nutrient mother and children of Below Poverty Line society. How does one expect to build a steadfast future if the present children are not physically strong?
The proper health care for the rural areas is still a distance dream. While the urban folks do not trust the doctors here, especially those from government quota, and prefer to seek health care from Assam, Velore, Delhi or Mumbai, most of the elite in society seek health care abroad.
Then comes the substandard quality of roads, public footpaths, supply of undrinkable drinking water, expired medicine administered to the patients in government hospitals and health centers, the list will go on, all such are under the direct supervision of the state government, through “political appointment.”
Only the deprived sections are taking the issues to streets. The beneficiaries on the other hand, are now working harder to bring back their respective candidates to further enhance the nexus, unmoved by the pathetic condition of development and progress they have caused due to such political favors.
Talking of nexus, one also needs to unearth the alleged nexus between government and militants in Meghalaya where former Chief of Garo National Liberation Army (GNLA) Champion R Sangma, who is in police custody openly campaigned for Congress. This was also witnessed in 56- Gambegre Assembly Constituency, where supporters of Community and Rural Development Minister, Saleng Sangma, who lost the Congress ticket to Besterfield N Sangma, killed and rounded up. This is of course another issue, we are still talking about political appointment. However, this is also another shade of political influence. Now the banned militant outfit Hynniewtrep National Liberation Council (HNLC) who has been pronounced as a spent force by the state police, on November 5, 2017 stated that the group is preparing a hit list of the state legislators and chief minister Dr Mukul Sangma tops the list.
It needs not be asked whether political appointment has helped in taking forward our state or not. Even beneficiaries of such political appointments, who have little conscience, are trying to distance themselves from the politicking, but in most of the cases, the greed and power always wins over conscience.
This is calling all the deprived persons in Meghalaya, who are qualified, educated, talented yet unemployed. The only deficiency of this section of the society is they lack political support!
This is the time to snatch back what belongs to these sections of the society. Come out to vote and vote out all non performing legislators, and save our decaying state from the clutches of such political appointments. Voting wisely is the only answer to change the society.


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